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Brett & Matt: A beautiful Butte wedding | Butte, Montana wedding photographer

Allow me to invite you to Brett & Matt's incredibly fun, loving, friendly, beautiful  wedding in Butte, Montana!  Butte is one of my favorite places in America, and I was honored when Brett called me to photograph her wedding there.  The ceremony was at St Patrick Parish, followed by a hopping reception at Front Street Station. 

As I drove down from Helena on an early May day, Butte was shrouded in clouds and the forecast called for a mix of rain and snow.  As usual, Montana doesn't care what your plans are for the day.  Brett, Matt and more than 400 of their closest friends and family warmed up the entire day with their love and excitement as they participated in their first day as husband and wife.

Many thanks (as usual) to my incredibly talented assistant, Rab Cummings of Rab Photography out of Bozeman. 

 On my way into Butte for Matt and Brett's wedding

The ceremony venue for Brett and Matt's Butte wedding

Ueland ceremony WEB-2

Preparing hair and makeup at Front Street Station in Butte, MT

Ueland Prep WEB-3

Stunning lace wedding gown at Front Street Station in Butte Montana

Ueland Prep WEB-5

Ueland Prep WEB-6

Bride's accessorites

Ueland Prep WEB-8

Bridal flowers made by Posie Patch in Butte

Ueland Prep WEB-10

mother of the bride and wedding dress

Bride getting dressed with mother's help

Ueland Prep WEB-13

bride antique pearl necklace detail

Ueland Prep WEB-15

zo-mak photography captures a special emotional moment between the bride and her father

bride wears two garters

bride gives thumbs up

Ueland Prep WEB-19

Ueland Prep WEB-20

Ueland Prep WEB-21

Ueland Prep WEB-22

zo-mak photography bride and parents church

groom watches bride come down the aisle

mother and father accompany bride down the aisle

Ueland ceremony WEB-5

Ueland ceremony WEB-6

Ueland ceremony WEB-10

Ueland ceremony WEB-8

Ueland ceremony WEB-9

Ueland ceremony WEB-11

Ueland ceremony WEB-12

catholic wedding ceremony butte mt zo-mak photography.

Ueland ceremony WEB-14

Ueland ceremony WEB-15

Ueland ceremony WEB-16

Ueland ceremony WEB-17

Ueland ceremony WEB-18

Ueland ceremony WEB-19

Ueland ceremony WEB-20

the kiss!

Ueland ceremony WEB-22

Ueland ceremony WEB-23

Ueland ceremony WEB-24

Ueland ceremony WEB-25

Ueland family bridal WEB-1

Ueland family bridal WEB-2

Ueland family bridal WEB-3

Ueland family bridal WEB-4

Ueland family bridal WEB-5

Ueland family bridal WEB-6

Ueland family bridal WEB-7

Ueland family bridal WEB-8

Ueland family bridal WEB-9

Ueland family bridal WEB-10

Ueland family bridal WEB-11

Ueland family bridal WEB-12

bridal party ride in butte trolley from ceremony to reception

Ueland family bridal WEB-14

Ueland family bridal WEB-15

bridal party poses in street for a photo

Ueland family bridal WEB-17

zo-mak photography captures beautiful portrait of bride in the church doorway.

Ueland bridal portraits WEB-2

Ueland bridal portraits WEB-3

Ueland bridal portraits WEB-4

Ueland bridal portraits WEB-5

Ueland bridal portraits WEB-6

Ueland bridal portraits WEB-7

snowy wedding day in butte as bride and groom pose for a portrait on the trolley

Ueland bridal portraits WEB-9

Ueland bridal portraits WEB-11

Ueland bridal portraits WEB-10

bride and groom toast and laugh with champagne in an antique rolls royce

Ueland bridal portraits WEB-13

Ueland bridal portraits WEB-15

Ueland bridal portraits WEB-16

bride poses for portrait at front street station in front of brick facade

Ueland bridal portraits WEB-18

Ueland bridal portraits WEB-20

Ueland bridal portraits WEB-21

Ueland bridal portraits WEB-22

stunning table decor at front street station wedding reception

Ueland reception WEB-2

Ueland reception WEB-3

Ueland reception WEB-4

Ueland reception WEB-7

Ueland reception WEB-8

Ueland reception WEB-9

Ueland reception WEB-10

Ueland reception WEB-11

Ueland reception WEB-12

Ueland reception WEB-13

Ueland reception WEB-14

Ueland reception WEB-15

Ueland reception WEB-17

Ueland reception WEB-18

Ueland reception WEB-20

Ueland reception WEB-23

Ueland reception WEB-24

Ueland reception WEB-25

Ueland reception WEB-26

Ueland reception WEB-27

Ueland reception WEB-28

Ueland reception WEB-29

bride and groom cut their wedding cake at front street station in butte mt

Ueland reception WEB-31

Ueland reception WEB-32

Ueland reception WEB-33

husband and wife dance for the first time at front street station reception in butte montana

Ueland reception WEB-36

Father and daughter smile as they dance at the wedding reception

Ueland reception WEB-40

Ueland reception WEB-41

Ueland reception WEB-43

Ueland reception WEB-44

Ueland reception WEB-45

best anniversary dance

Ueland reception WEB-53

Ueland reception WEB-54

Ueland reception WEB-55

Ueland reception WEB-56

Ueland reception WEB-57

Ueland reception WEB-58

Ueland bridal portraits WEB-19

Wedding ceremony - St. Patrick Parish Butte MT
Catering - Casagranda's Steakhouse, Butte MT
Flowers - The Posie Patch
Photography - Zo-Mak Photography, Helena MT
Assistant Photography - RabPhotography, Bozeman MT


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