Monday, February 28, 2011

I Heart Faces Challenge - Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes! | Bozeman Helena Montana Baby Photographer

This week's challenge over at IHF is Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes! Anything but a face! When I think about my favorite baby parts other than those gorgeous eyes, the first thing that comes to mind are itty bitty baby belly buttons! Here's on of my all time favs.


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Makena is Four | Bozeman Helena MT Children's Photographer

I cannot believe my baby is Four. FOUR! A couple years ago, I was adamant that she get into a preschool, because I knew we needed time apart. She is very strong willed, independent, and pretty much smarter than I. Well, I drug my feet and never got her in anywhere, and now I can't believe that next year she's actually going to be in Kindergarten. Now I'm kind of OK with spending the next year with her and her antics, knowing that all too soon the opportunity to spend time doing puzzles, reading books, cuddling on the couch and generally anything that involves me being OK will be long gone.

Happy (almost) birthday, baby!


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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Girls | Bozeman MT Child Photographer

I intentionally left the camera at the house this afternoon when we took our girls out to a nearby field to fly a kite so I could actually play with them and enjoy the moments rather than have the camera at my eye the whole time. I try to do this as often as I can (which is not very often) and it actually throws people for a loop. Maybe that's a sign. Anyway -- as soon as we got out there, I knew the no-camera thing was a mistake. So I sprinted back home, grabbed the camera and ran back. So glad I did.

My girls often don't get the attention from my camera that my clients receive. They get crappy snapshots in poor lighting. Those memories are fine for the photo album, and I don't expect every shot of them to be perfect, but MAN it's great when I do get some truly beautiful images!




The little one was pretty excited watching the kite takeoff!


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Jackson is 6 months | Bozeman MT Baby Photographer

So all babies are cute, right? That's just a given. In that respect, I totally have the best job in the world. (Well, in a lot of respects I have the best job in the world...) Especially happy babies. LOVE six months, because babies are so flippin' happy now! Jackson did not disappoint in that respect.

Tolar 6 months-0500

But you know what makes babies even *more* irresistible to me? Chunks. Lots and lots of baby chunks. Again, Jackson does not dissapoint! This baby just keeps getting better and better!
Tolar 6 months-0469

He's getting cuter every time! Here he is at 3 months and at his newborn session. He just keeps getting better, right?!
Tolar 6 months-0547

Tolar 6 months-0731

We hadn't gotten a shot of him yet with his Grandma -- until now! What a lucky family to have so much love.
Tolar 6 months-0761_c

Thanks again for sharing your time with me! Cannot wait until 9 months!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Baby Sam | Bozeman MT Newborn Baby Photographer

This adorable little guy was a first for me! He was due on January 25th, which would make him about a week and a half old when we had our session. However, little mister Sam decided to make his appearance almost three months ago! He gave his parents a big surprise in November when he decided to meet them, but he is totally healthy and perfect! I kept going back and forth in my head while preparing for this session regarding what to expect -- a newborn or an almost-three-month-old?

Well, regardless of what I expected, perfection is what I got. A perfectly sweet little guy who wasn't quite into sleeping as a newborn would be, but so full of sweetness that I didn't mind!






Congratulations on your perfect little bundle, Jessica! It was my pleasure to spend the morning with you both, and I hope I get the opportunity to have Sam as a model again!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Today | Bozeman MT Photographer

Just wanted to share my photo of the day today. If I wasn't lusting after a macro lens prior to this shot, I definitely am now... Wow.

AYITL_February 01, 2011

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