Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Katie & Kalli | Helena, Montana Photographer

What a breath of fresh air!  Chris of Christopher Rebo Photography invited me to go out on a shoot a few days ago with a couple of beautiful and willing models and his friend Tony from PictureFilm (rumor has it that a video of our afternoon will be available for viewing at some point in the near future).  

Can't say as the weather was the greatest, but we found some fun opportunities for unique portraits.  Not only was it refreshing to get into downtown Helena and do something different, but I took the opportunity to step outside my comfort zone and really reach for a more gritty, urban feel.  I think it worked.  I was channeling my inner senior photographer ;)  Need to get my lens on more people in this genre.  Tons of fun!

(Hint, hint!  Know any seniors who still need their portraits done for the class of 2012?  Those of you in the class of 2013 -- thinking ahead yet??  Drop a note and let me know what you're thinking!)

Since this wasn't a client session, I took the opportunity to really play around with my post processing as well. Lots of different stuff here.

I think these ones deserve to be shown off a little larger than what I usually put on the blog. Enjoy!


K&K-K&K-DSC_4153 K&K-K&K-DSC_4185-Edit



This one just makes me laugh for some reason... ;)


Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Super sale on prints and digi files from existing galleries -- two days only!

I'm jumping for joy over my new website!!!

Soooo close to launching!  I've been sitting in front of my computer for FAR too many hours getting everything re-organized and uploaded for a bigger, better, more beautiful website.  I can't wait to get it up and running - I'm thinking it'll live within the next few days!


One thing I wasn't counting on with this change, however:  deleting all client proofing galleries and starting fresh.  Yikes.  

In honor of the move, I'm offering all clients who have had a proofing gallery in the past this incredible last opportunity to get images from those sessions:

25% off all print orders from any existing gallery

20% off all canvas orders from an existing gallery

High Res Disc with ALL files from a single session gallery for $500 (regularly $900!)

Low Res Disc (printable to 5x7) of ALL files from a single session gallery: $300 (regularly $450)

The fine print?  
This offer expires TOMORROW NIGHT

So RUN!!  To the phone, to your email, to your phone... whatever!  Just GO!  

That's right - you have until tomorrow, 1/29/2012 at midnight to get me your order.  Let me know if you'd like your gallery turned back on to make decisions.  After tomorrow, the galleries are all going to disappear!  Now is the time to get those images you were waiting on!

It's now or never, folks!  

Email Suzie at zo.mak.photography@gmail.com or call 406-600-2879 with questions.  

..........what are you waiting for?  Go!  Call!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Zoe is 3! | Helena Montana Child Photographer

You know every mom says it on a regular basis:  We don't know where the time goes.  Days drag by, bedtime never comes soon enough, and if you wipe another butt you're going to LOSE YOUR CRAP.  (No pun intended there.  Ooops).  But then you wake up one morning and realize that months, if not years, have passed before your eyes.  You blinked and all of a sudden your wiggly chubby baby has turned into a longer, skinnier talking version of the tiny being you could swear you just gave birth to the other day.  Between the dishes, the laundry, the poop, the messes, the toys and the routine, our babies grow up.  Right before our eyes.

I'll always refer to Zoe as my baby -- she *is* my baby.  But she's turning three in a couple weeks.  My baby is turning three.  She tells me all the time that since she's turning three, she gets to take piano lessons (like her big sister) and go to school (like her big sister) and make her own toast in the morning (like her big sister).  But she's my baby.  I just want to hold her in my lap for a while longer -- to brush her teeth for her, to make her breakfast for her, rather than her doing it by herself.  It's flown.  The days, the months, the years.  They've all flown by and I *HAVE* to remind myself to slow down and watch it happen.  With my eyes.  Not always with my camera lens.  Note to self..........

Since I can't stop time, I'll graciously celebrate her birthday.  I'll make her minnie mouse cake just as she requested, and we'll invite her friends and play and have fun and look forward to another year.  Because that's what we do.  We're glad they grow up and become their own little people and carve out a path in life. We're happy for them.  We nurture them, we love them, we guide them, then we let them go.  Right?  That part scares me.  But there's no sense getting ahead of myself, right?  I have a good 15 years to prepare for that part.  A long, slow 15 years, please.

Happy birthday, baby Zoe.  Mama loves you to the moon.  And back.  And then some.

zoe's 3rd birthday blog

Zoe's proudest accomplishments on the cusp of her third birthday:

~ giving up the paci with no complaints (the paci fairy had to come to our house and *trade* the paci for a rainbow dash toy... details)
~ going potty all by herself
~ making her own toast in the morning
~ opening the door for the dog to go in and out
~ clearing her own dishes from the table after meals

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Season of Love - Valentines Day Special | Helena Montana Child and Family Photographer

Happy Heart Day :)

Valentines 2012 special FRONT

In honor of all the things I love such as family, kids, photography, snow (yes, snow), and Valentines Day (especially Valentines Day -- did you know it's my wedding anniversary?! Yes, we're those silly lovebirds who went to the beach in Maui to say our "I Do's" on this, the most lovey, squishy, sappy day of the year...) I can't resist offering up this fabulous deal! 

 Check it out:
  Valentines 2012 special

Call now, book your spot, and be entered to win the whole photo session for free. Yup, one family who books this special will be drawn to get it ALL for free. How can you beat that?!  You can't.  

So.  To recap:

Call now.

Book your Season of Love Mini session.  It can be for anyone -- kids, couple, or family.   You can only be eligible to win if you have booked your session date and paid a deposit (if you are the winner, you'll receive your deposit back).

Want extra chances to win your session free?  Here's how.  Book your session.    Then you'll get one additional entry for each of the following things you do (just leave a comment for each thing.  your comment is your extra entry).

* Refer your friends.  Send them to Zo-Mak's Facebook Page, have them "like" it, and tell them to leave a comment.  You'll receive two extra entries if your friend books a Season of Love mini session!

* Comment on this post telling me what your favorite Zo-Mak image is (from the blog or website - whatever!) and what type of session you want to have.

* Leave some love on Facebook.  I'm not picky.  Any type of love will do ;)

I can't wait to see you soon!!

**Session must be booked no later than 2/14 for a session no later than 2/29**
**Limited spots available on a first come, first served basis**
**session must take place in the greater Helena, Montana area**
** not valid for newborn session**

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